Automated Lap Counter: Now in CrossMgr 2.0.11

Post date: Dec 17, 2014 11:47:24 PM

Flipping a lap counter looks easy - until it goes wrong!

Too many, too few, or skipped lap numbers can wreck a race.

Of course, even finding someone to work the lap counter can be difficult. Even when you can, that's another volunteer or official occupied - a person that could be doing something much more valuable.

CrossMgr 2.0.11 now has an automated lap counter.

It perfectly counts the laps, never getting tired, and never miscounting.

It can handle up to 4 different counters at the same time for multi-category races, each counter changes automatically just before the leader of that category is expected.

Using the automatic lap counter is easy:

  • Plug in a spare computer monitor and position it where the riders can see it.

  • Open the LapCounter window in CrossMgr (Windows/LapCounter). Drag it to the extra monitor, then full-screen it.

  • You're done!

  • Decide when you want to show laps for a timed race - close the LapCounter window or turn off the monitor.

Right-click on the LapCounter screen to change the foreground/background, or set how many seconds in advance of the leaders to flip it.

How does it work? CrossMgr predicts when the lead riders are expected. A configurable number of seconds before the leader, it switches display of the laps to go. For longer lap times, set the LapCounter to flip earlier (up to 3 minutes). For shorter lap times, set it shorter, or just use the default of 15 seconds.

To see this in action, open the LapCounter window, then run Tools/Simulation... from the main menu.

Watch how the LapCounter flips 15 seconds before the leader after flashing for 5 seconds.

You can see this especially clearly if you switch to the CrossMgr Record screen which counts down the time before the leader.

Reduce errors and free up another set of hands at your race.