RaceDB: New Custom Categories

Post date: May 25, 2017 11:55:06 AM

In addition to standard categories, sometimes you want to score an event in a different way.

Some examples:

  • At a time trial, you may wish to show all participants together, regardless of what category they are in. Or perhaps you want a separate report of all men or all women.

  • At a state or provincial championship, you need a ranking for athletes resident in your state or province as out-of-region athletes are not eligible.

  • At a national championship, you need a ranking which includes competitors from your country as athletes with other competitive nationalities are not eligible.

  • Or you want an arbitrary ranking by specific bib numbers (sponsors, club, etc.)

All these (and more!) can be accomplished with Custom Categories, which are configured in the Event Edit screen.

Custom Categories can be configured by Gender, Date of Birth range, States/Provinces, Nation Codes and License Code prefixes, as well as Bib Number ranges.

Custom Categories work for Time Trials as well as Mass Start events. In Mass Start events, they can even rank athletes who started in different start waves.

Custom Categories appear in the RaceDB Hub web page and are automatically available in CrossMgr.

Available in RaceDB v1.32.11 and CrossMgr v2.9.16.