CrossMgrVideo: Measure Finish Speed from Video

Post date: May 22, 2017 2:12:43 AM

CrossMgrVideo can now accurately measure finish lines speeds from the photo frames.

The innovative method does not require any fixed reference points at the finish line.

If you have finishes already recorded in CrossMgrVideo, you can compute the speeds with the new version.

Speeds are stored with the finish trigger in the database, and displayed in the photo header in km/h and mph.

The process only takes a few seconds.

To see how it works, install CrossMgrVideo and capture some finish line video (triggered from RFID, or manually).

Right-button press on the finish strip. From the finish dialog, press the Speed button.

Follow the process and move the indicator lines around.

It's better experienced than explained.

Actually, it would work for any video, but that's another story...