Software for Points Races and Sprint Events

Post date: Nov 20, 2014 11:46:48 AM

Although 'Cross is still a major focus, the CrossMgr team also does some Track. With the Milton Velodrome opening near CrossMgr HQ, there is likely going to be a lot more activity here.

Lesser known than CrossMgr are the following apps (available from the Downloads section).

  • SprintMgr

  • PointsRaceMgr

SprintMgr manages sprint competitions. On the track, these include Individual Sprint and Keirin. For off-road MTB, it includes XCE (Cross Country Eliminator) and 4-Cross. For road, here in Ontario, we use the XCE format for our Sprint Challenge competitions.

SprintMgr handles all aspects of the competition from the Seeding, Qualifiers, Event Rounds and Final Classifications. It constantly shows which riders are ready for an event. This makes it easy to do events out-of-order, for example, if it is necessary to wait for a mechanical repair.

SprintMgr comes with 22 different competition formats. Just pick the one you need based on the number of riders and go. It handles best-2-of-3 heats when necessary, and event manages which rider takes the inside lane on each heat.

SprntMgr instantly prints start lists and results for each round, as well as a final classification.

In XCE, it properly handles DNF and DNS in the finals. On the track, it correctly ranks eliminated riders by the qualifying times.

SprintMgr has a unique graphical output that shows the path of riders through the competition format. This makes it easy for riders to understand the result.

SprintMgr turns a pencil-and-paper nightmare into a joy. It was used for the Sprint Challenge at the OSG (Ontario Summer Games) in 2014, as well as at the 2013 Ontario Track Championships.

PointsRaceMgr supports Points, Madison and Criterium formats and is about a simple a program as you can get.

Configure the format (number of sprints, points per sprints, etc.), enter the sprint results, laps up/down, finish order and who DNF'd, and it does the rest. And it shows its work - showing where each rider earned points.

Can't remember how to break a tie in a points-based Criterium?

Don't worry - PointsRaceMgr does the right thing instantly (riders are ranked by Laps Completed, Points, Sprint Wins then Finish Order).

Want to use some non-standard format (Point-a-Lap, Tempo or Snowball?). No problem. PointsRaceMgr handles these, or make your own custom configuration.

PointsRaceMgr is a simple utility that works with bib numbers only (perhaps this winter I will add the ability to pull rider info from a spreadsheet).

As rider rankings are updated instantly, the program is convenient for announcers at the race.

PointsRaceMgr is a great advance over spreadsheets. As an official, it has turned potential nightmares (a whole day of points-based criteriums) into pure fun.