CallupSeedingMgr: Now supports UCI ID

Post date: Oct 19, 2017 1:43:50 PM

CallupSeedingMgr has been upgraded to support the UCI ID.

The program makes it easy to compute callup orders for CycloCross and Mountain Bike based on UCI points (with rankings downloaded from the UCI site).

License codes and Names (both perfect spelling and sound-a-like) can also be used if the UCI ID is not available for identification. CallupSeedingMgr also shows warnings if the name does not match the UCI ID (important to detect an incorrect UIC ID).

As always, CallupSeedingMgr supports multiple callup criteria. For example it is easy to configure callups based on:

  1. UCI Points

  2. National Series Points (if no UCI points)

  3. Last Year's Results (if no UCI or National points)

To use the program, create a spreadsheet with a Registration sheet of the riders in the race.

Then, create callup criteria sheets (as many as you with). The program will create a new Excel spreadsheet with the callup order based on all the criteria given.

Rank is preserved within the criteria. In the above example, if two riders are tied on UCI points, this order will be preserved - even if one has more National points. This is because there are additional criteria used to break the tie that are reflected in the rank.