CrossMgr: Now supports Criterium Primes

Post date: Mar 25, 2015 11:40:56 PM

CrossMgr 2.1.2 now supports Primes for Criteriums.

Enter sponsors, cash, merchandise and what the Prime is for (Pack, Break, Custom).

Primes are included with the results in html, Excel and printouts and document the prize as well as the sponsor.

Quickly settle disputes by instantly accessing CrossMgr photos, finish line strip, and RFID recorded finish order.

In the past, primes were only announced at the event.

By including the sponsor's name with the prime in the results, primes become an opportunity for sponsors to get permanent exposure.

A CrossMgr first!

Promote these permanent marketing opportunities and entice sponsors to donate more and larger primes.

By offering more value, you can increase the size and number of primes, and the prestige of the event.