Important: RaceDB and Python 3 Information

Post date: May 26, 2019 5:33:52 PM

RaceDB 3.0.0 has just been released.

If you have an existing install of RaceDB, you must read and follow the instructions:


If you have a new install of RaceDB, the ReadMe file is sufficient.

RaceDB-3-Upgrade.txt contains important one-time steps required to upgrade to the new version.

After you have upgraded, you can go back to the process described in ReadMe which is much easier.

I tried to make the upgrade process as safe and easy as possible. It is possible to "bail-out" and revert to the previous version if something goes wrong.

Before upgrading, leave yourself some time to check things out. I tried hard to test everything, but it is always possible that some aspect of your data causes a problem.

If you run into a problem, be sure to email me.

Issues should be easy to fix and will have a short turnaround.

The reality is that Python 2 is going out-of-support in Feb 2020.

Unfortunately, the conversion to Python 3 required 100's of changes - mostly to I/O handling.

These changes made it impossible to support the old upgrade process, making the one-time conversion necessary.

All future development and features will be available in the Race 3 series only.