Improved Real-time Race Results on the Web

Post date: Nov 30, 2013 4:48:34 PM

CrossMgr 1.90.3 has a number of new features that improve real-time race results.

CrossMgr previously supported the ability to publish web race results to a web site with FTP (see File/Publish HTML Results to with FTP...). Enter the ftp details (site, user and password), and CrossMgr will publish results live while the race is running. See the CrossMgr help for more details (do a Help Search for FTP).

The results can be accessed by spectators on their smart phones at the race.

The web output has a number of cool features. For example, the Race Animation on the web page runs in real-time. Race spectators can watch the riders move around the animation at the same speed they are riding around the course. You can watch a rider on the animation, then look up to see that rider pass you on that point of the course!

Mechanics know when their riders are about to pass the pit, and spectators and announcers know the race situation at all times.

Clicking on a rider in the results highlights that rider in the animation and show that rider's position in the race.

CrossMgr 1.90.3 builds on these features.

First, CrossMgr 1.90.3 makes it much easier for spectators to get access to the results web page at the race. CrossMgr 1.90.3 now has a feature to print a page with a QR Code of the results url (the web address).

Print this page, post it at the race, and spectators can instantly get access to the results web page form their Smartphones - no typing required.

This feature is also handy even if you don't publish the results in real-time.

Second, CrossMgr 1.90.3 has an improved web page that automatically updates itself during the live race. About 5 seconds after the leaders pass the finish line on each lap, the page refreshes itself. It is no longer necessary to do a manual refresh to get updated results (of course, there is no problem with doing a manual refresh).

Keep those suggestions coming!