A Muddy Day at the Cross Race

Post date: Oct 27, 2013 9:53:14 PM

It was a very muddy day at the Baseball Cross race in Barrie, Ontario.

Rain turned to sleet that turned to snow, then back to rain. The day started at 2C with a high of 6C.

I was the assigned finish judge scoring the race and used CrossMgr (of course!) Version 1.90.0.

Mud made it hard to read the numbers, and the number caller struggled - especially on the first lap when then riders were in groups.

CrossMgr's autocorrect feature worked very well - it was able to fix all almost all missed first laps. There were a few riders that were missed on both the first and second lap, and these had to be manually fixed in the Chart (right-click, "Add Missing Splits.../2 Splits".). This only took a few seconds.

I did notice some room for improvement, which this is why I like to use the software myself under field conditions.

Some of the numbers were called incorrectly, that is, those numbers did not exist in the race. I was able to check this as I had a good start list. So far, so good.

On the next projected lap, CrossMgr expects to see these numbers again. When it does not see them. they can clutter up the "Expected" list while it is waiting for them.

I wanted to get rid of these numbers, so I went into RiderDetail and did a "Remove Rider from Race". All was good, however, the "Expected" list was not updated after the rider was removed. This was confusing - when I tried to remove the rider again, the number was not there.

Further tests showed that changes made in the Chart and Categories also need to do an update to the Expected list.

This is now fixed in 1.90.0.