Fast way to handle irregular bib numbers in Excel

Post date: Dec 16, 2014 3:06:46 AM

We all know that separate number ranges for different categories in the same race is the way to go.

But... sometimes the real-world interferes, and we are forced to deal with the irregular bib numbers we have.

There is now a better way to handle this if you have all the data in Excel.

In Excel, sort the columns so that your race categories are grouped together. If you have a Category field, this might be easy - just sort on that field. If you are creating categories by Gender and Age (say, for masters), this might involve sorting by two or more fields (for example, Gender then Age).

After sorting the rows into race category groups, click-and-drag in Excel to select all the bib numbers in the first category. Press Ctrl-c to copy. Go to the Categories screen in CrossMgr. Click in the "Numbers" field of the Category you want (or create a new one). Select all the text in the field.

Now press Ctrl-v. This pastes all the bib numbers from Excel directly into CrossMgr, comma separated.

Repeat for the rest of your race categories.

That's it! No additional typing required.

If you want to make the CrossMgr number ranges more readable, press the "Normalize" button. This will convert number sequences to ranges.

Now available in CrossMgr 2.0.10.