CrossMgr 1.66 Now Stable

Post date: Jun 22, 2012 11:09:38 PM

This version is now very stable and is now the recommended version.

A few more features to add, and I will be renumbering it to Version 2.0.

A brief list of new features in version 1.66:

CrossMgr Application:

  • Results Rider Data and Laps are separately scrollable in Results

  • Scrollbars on the Chart, DNF/DNS riders shown as grey

  • Distance for each Category (both by lap, or by race overall)

  • Distance unit specified in race (km or miles)

  • Speed calculated by race and by lap

  • High-precision times (shown to 100's of a second)

  • High-precision time editing (to 1000's of a second)

  • Insert lap splits directly on Chart.

  • Undo for all changes.

  • Option to turn off sounds

  • JChip Integration: high precision time sync, works with real-time data

  • Double-click takes you to RiderDetail from all screens.

  • Rider name and team in RiderDetail

  • Time Trial mode (1st rider's input starts the rider's clock)

HTML Output:

  • Speed shown by race and lap.

  • High-precision time option (to 100's of a second).

  • Shows rider names in race animation.

  • Race Chart organized by start wave, DNF/DNS riders shown as grey

  • Distance, winner's time and speed shown per category.

Any many more!

Yes, version 1.66 is backwards compatible with previous versions.