PointsRaceMgr Updated: Get the Latest Version

Post date: Mar 9, 2013 2:11:31 PM

PointsRaceMgr is a program to score races with points for intermediate sprints.

An upgrade was posted today. If you are using PointsRaceMgr, be sure to upgrade to the latest version as it contains important fixes.

Just select the race type from the ConfigureRace menu, then adjust specifics like the length of the course, the laps between sprints, etc. Enter the winners per sprint, and the program automatically keeps a running position of the riders in the race (great for announcing at the race).

After the race, save the results and make nice-looking Excel output.

PointsRaceMgr supports the UCI rules for Track and Criterium as of 2013.

The program handles pure points races, mixed distance and points races (Madison and Criterium), and also handles the "Number of Wins" tie-breaking rule for Criteriums.

It also supports some non-standard formats like "Snowball", "Temp" and "Point-a-Lap". Or, make up your own race format.

Formats can even be changed after the data is entered (if you don't know at the start).

If you have to score a points race, you need this program. Download from the Files section.