Announcing Support for Impinj Passive RFID Reader

Post date: Apr 5, 2013 4:48:58 PM

In addition to JChip and Alien, the CrossMgr team is proud to announce support for the Impinj Speedway Passive RFID reader.

Support for Impinj is accomplished with the CrossMgrImpinj bridge (downloadable from here). CrossMgrImpinj manages the connection with the Impinj reader, creates a backup of the reads, and forwards the data to CrossMgr to create real-time results. If something goes wrong, CrossMgr can recover the race from the backup files.

Of course, all the auto-correct and manual editing capabilities of CrossMgr are available to you - connection to the reader is like a "x-ray-vision robot typist" entering the numbers as they go by.

Impinj readers have a unique self-tuning capability called AutoPilot. With AutoPilot, the reader continuously adjusts its parameters based on current conditions to get the best performance. Other readers require a fixed configuration - often for the worst case situation. AutoPilot helps Impinj readers to optimize both read and timing accuracy for the conditions at hand.

All LLRP-compatible readers (including ThingMagic) should be able to communicate through the CrossMgrImpinj bridge.

If someone wants to test with another reader, let me know how it goes.