RaceDB: Improvements to Analytics, Support for USAC Prereg Import

Post date: Aug 25, 2015 1:26:21 AM

The analytics page now prints much better and saves a reasonable-looking pdf file from the browser.

This version can also read in a USAC pre-reg .csv file directly (just convert it to a .xlsx file first, then import it from the Competition page)

It also reads Emergency Contact and Emergency Phone fields from the pre-reg file as well as email, phone, city and state/prov fields from USAC.

Available in version 0.3.73.

Also, this version can make use of the most recent module versions. If you are installing RaceDB for the first time, you will get the most recent versions automatically.

If you have RaceDB installed, do a:

python dependencies.py --upgrade

After you upgrade your version. This might take some time as it downloads the latest versions of all modules.

(if you are on Linux, you will need to do "sudo python dependencies.py --upgrade"

Keep those great ideas coming!