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My concentration is portraits of myself, my friends, and my family. In these photographs I wanted to capture different cultures and peoples interests, while using creative editing and photography techniques. I used a variety of different editing techniques including selected color, color enhancing, black and white, and photoshop color tints. In each of the images I tried to experiment by photographing at unique angles and perspectives that are seen less often in photography. In each of these photographs I was able to capture the essence of each of the people I photographed and the cultures that shape who they are. I wanted each photograph to carry a story and message behind them that adds depth to the image. Throughout the process of building my concentration I wanted to develop the message of each image to relate not only to my own life, but also to social/political issues in the world today.

Throughout the second quarter I continued to create portraits using a variety of different editing and dark room processes. I favorite process that I experimented with was the altered darkroom print. I created this image by painting the developer on to the light sensitive paper in the design that I wanted rather than putting the entire image into the developer. I liked that I could make the image more intriguing by using different darkroom tools in unique ways.