Leading Lines

Artist Statement:

The subject of this image is a photograph of a window in the art room of my school. I chose to create this image because I liked the way the letters on the stained glass looked against the window and that the lines of the drying rack and windows created interesting framing. The elements of art that I used were shape and line. The principles of design that I used were pattern and contrast. The composition rules/ techniques that I used was rule of thirds. My project evolved because I had to take the photograph many different times to get the camera I was using to work correctly and I really like how this image turned out. The meaning behind this photo is to observe everything that is going on around you or you could miss out on something great. This image relates to my life because it is showing two stained glass windows that have Freeport Falcons written on them which is where I go to school. If I could change anything I would add more contrast in values into the image.