Inspired Image

Artist Statement:

The subject of this image is a photograph of my friend Julia lying on a rock on a beach. I chose to create this image because I wanted to use the "pin up girl" style that Jacques Lartigue used frequently in his photographs. The elements of art that I used were texture and value. The principles of design that I used were contrast and pattern. The composition rules/ techniques that I used was formal balance. My project evolved because when I taking the photographs my camera wasn't working because of the cold weather, so I had to start taking photos inside my house which didn't turn out as well as on the beach. I chose to create this image because I liked the composition of the image and the texture created by the lace of the dress. The meaning behind this photo is to reflect on life's experiences of enjoy everything. This image relates to my life because it is a photograph of one of my best friends and it is in portrait style, which is the kind of artwork I like to create. If I could change anything I would add more contrast in values into the image.