Art Portfolio

Sarah Lano

My name is Sarah Lano, I am a senior at Freeport High School. I have loved creating art my entire life. In my spare time I like to act, sing and work on my art. In school I participate in many different art, music and theater classes. My Junior year of high school, I attended a garment making workshop at The Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. This experience furthered my interest in pursuing a career in fashion design and the artsI have known that I wanted to pursue art as a career for as long as I can remember. Next fall I will be attending Lasell college in Newton, Massachusetts. I will be majoring in fashion design and minoring in studio arts. I want to further my education in the arts and continue creating new artwork.

The art that I like focusing on is art that shows portraits and plants/floral scenes. The mediums that I enjoy working with are acrylic paint, colored pencil, ink pens, and photography. I have taken photography courses this year and I have liked being able to create scenes that I have crafted in my head into a photograph. A theme that I find in my work is art that included images of flowers/ plants and our natural environment. My favorite piece of art that I have created is my self- portrait on scratchboard titled “reflections”. One thing that is hard for me is trying to come up with new ideas and creative ways to experiment with different materials. Art is important to me because I love the way I feel when I can be creating art and expressing my creativity.