Final 3D Design Portfolio

Reflection Paper Sculpture

Jan. 27

Political Hands

March. 24

Ceramic Bust

June. 7

Concentration #1

June. 16

Relief Portrait

Feb. 27

Look Inside

April. 7

Concentration #1

June. 16


March. 13

Maine Project

April. 27

Concentration #1

June. 16

Written Reflection:

My overall experience in 3D design was really positive. I really enjoyed being able to try out a new type of artwork that I had never really experimented with before this class. The process that I enjoyed was the hand project using alginate. It was a really interesting using the alginate process for the first time. The processes that I struggled with were the relief portrait project. It was difficult working with the wire to create the bust. I had never worked with this material before and it took me a long time to complete the project. The products that I am proud of are my reflection paper sculpture and the Maine project. I really enjoyed doing these projects and being able to mix the kind of art that I most like to do, painting, into a three- dimensional sculpture. The things that prove that I met the standards for this class are that I learned a lot about using 3D materials and improved a lot by experimenting with these new materials. The styles/materials that I found myself repeating were using paint on top of the sculptures to add more color and texture.