linoleum prints

Artist Statement-

These works of art are a visual depiction of the cruelty humans commit to animals, especially elephants, all around the world. The materials I used were acrylic and watercolor paint, ink, and metallic sticker paper. I chose this artwork because I wanted to shine light to a horrible issue in our world today. The elements of art that I used were color and pattern. The principal of art that I used was rhythm by using the selected color and the designs in the background. The composition rule and technique that I used was informal balance because I created a pattern with the prints. My project evolved because I didn't really have a starting plan when I begun, but I kept adding more patterns and details as I went along. The meaning behind the artwork is showing the equality that everyone should have even animals. This project relates to my life because I have always liked studying endangered animals and how humans impact different species. If I was going to go back in and change anything I would add more details to the last print.