Artist Statement:

The subject of this photograph is my friend Neil in front of a crane game in an arcade. While editing this photo I used the photo editor on my laptop to brighten and enhance the colors. I chose to create this photo because I liked the lighting created by the lights in the game and the 50's style created with the leather jacket and red color. The materials I used was my Canon Rebel t5 camera and the photo editor on my laptop. The elements of art that I used were color and shape. The principles of design that I used were pattern and balance. The composition rules/ techniques that I used was formal balance. My project evolved because I took many photos of different games and front different angles and then I chose the one that I liked the best. The meaning behind this image is to enjoy everything in your life. This project relates to my life because I love playing arcade games with my friends. If I could change anything about this photo I would have set Neil close to the center and then cropped out the game on the right side.