candy drawing

Artist Statement:

In this drawing I drew candy and candy wrappers. The materials that I used were watercolor colored pencils, graphite, ink wash and scratch off stencils. I chose this artwork because I really liked the vibrant colors shown by all of the different colored candy wrappers. The elements of art that I used were color and shape. I used complimentary colors near each other to add more unity to the whole image. The composition rule that I used was informal balance because I wanted the wrappers and candy to look as if they were falling onto the page. My project evolved because I didn't really know what materials I wanted to use when I begun so I experimented with paint, colored pencil and watercolor to get to the final design. The project relates to my life because it reminds me of when I would go trick or treating with my family when I was younger. If I were to go in and change anything I would have erased the pencil lines around the wrappers and candy before I added the color.