Concentration #1

Artist Statement:

The subject of this print is lily pads and water lilies. The materials I used were a linoleum block and block printing ink. To create this print I first carved out the linoleum block with the design that I wanted and then I did a couple of prints to get it to look the way that I wanted it to. I chose to create this print because I really like working with carving and printmaking. I also wanted to continue to develop printing farther by painting over the prints after they were done. The elements of art that I used were line, shape, and texture. The principles of design that I used were contrast and proportion/scale. The composition rules/ techniques that I used were informal balance. I really like the way that I cropped the lily pads off the print. This project relates to my life because I really like to draw/paint flower and nature in my artwork and I wanted to continue with that theme in my concentration. If I could change anything about this print I would add more color and values into it.