Concentration #3

Artist Statement:

The subject of this painting is a landscape. This painting shows a camping scene with a tent, a campfire, and a lake. The materials I used were acrylic paint on canvas and sharpie. To create this painting I first drew out the shapes in sharpie and then I painted in the areas with different colors. I chose to create this painting because I was inspired by the liberty graphics design competition theme of nature in Maine. I wanted to paint the landscape of the lake up by my camp that I go to every summer to go camping with my family. The elements of art that I used were color and line. The principles of design that I used were contrast and proportion/ scale. The composition rules/ techniques that I used was informal balance. This project relates to my life because it is of a place that means a lot to my family and I and I love going there and camping every summer. The meaning behind this painting is to enjoy all the opportunities that nature has to offer. If I could change anything about this painting I would add another coat of paint to some areas to make sure that the canvas couldn't be seen through anywhere.