AP Art History- Midterm


The Art of the Ancient Near East

The Art of Ancient Egypt

The Art of Ancient Greece

The Art of the Etruscans

The Art of Ancient Rome

Late Antiquity Art

Byzantine Art

Early Medieval Art in the West

Romanesque Art

Gothic Art

14th Century Italian Art

15th Century Art in N. Europe & Spain

15th Century Italian Art

The High Renaissance & Mannerism


For my AP Art History midterm project, I took photographs inspired by each chapter and then used the drawing app on my Ipad to drawing on top of the images. By drawing on top of the inspired images I was able to incorporate more themes from each art movement into the drawings. The challenging part of creating this project was the drawing on top of the images. It was hard to get the details I wanted using a pen on my ipad. I used many different shape tools to create designs over the images. My favorites of all the images are the 14th century Italian art and Romanesque art. What I struggled with most was finding a way to incorporate the different themes from each chapter when some chapters covered a wide range of different events/ themes.


16th Century Art in N. Europe & Spain

"Hunters in the Snow"- Pieter Bruegel the Elder


"Calling of Saint Matthew"- Caravaggio

Art of the Late 18th & Mid 19th Century

"The Swing"- Jean Honore Fragonard

Art of the Later 19th Century

"The Starry Night"- Vincent Van Gogh

Early 20th Century Art

"The Two Fridas"- Frida Kahlo

"The Migration of the Negro"- Jacob Lawrence

"Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow"- Piet Mondrian

"Fountain"- Marcel Duchamp

Native Arts of the Americas After/Before 1300

"Ruler's Feather Headdress"- Aztec

"The Coyolxauhqui Stone"- Templo Mayor

"All-T'oqapu Tunic"- Inka

19th & 20th Century African Art

"Power Figure (Nkisi n'kondi)"- Kongo Peoples

Art of West & Central Asia

"Dome of the Rock"- Umayyad

Art of South & Southeast Asia Before 1980

"Temple of Angkor Wat"- Cambodia

"Great Stupa at Sanchi"- India

Art of Early China & Korea

"Longmen Caves- Detail"- Tang Dynasty

Art of Early Japan

"Todai- Ji"- Various Artists

Sultans, Kings, Emperors, and Colonists

"Taj Mahal"- Ustad Lahori

The Art of Later China & Korea

"The David Vases"- Yuan Dynasty China

The Art of Later Japan

"White and Red Plum Blossoms"- Ogata Korin

The Pacific

"Female deity"- Nukuora, Micronesia

"Navigation chart"- Marshal Islands, Micronesia

Global Contemporary

"The Gates"- Christo & Jeanne- Claude

"Shibboleth"- Doris Salcedo


For my final project in AP Art History, I continued on with the same project I did for my midterm. I chose my favorite images/ themes from each chapter and I took photographs inspired by them and then I used a drawing app to draw on top of the photographs. My favorite image that I created is Early 20th Century Art and The Pacific because I was able to combine four works of art into one image. Something I struggled with was how to depict an entire chapters worth of art by only selecting a few images. I tried to use the photo to show one art piece and then the drawings on top to include a few more images from the chapter. I used many different shape tools; including lines, rectangles, and circles. It was challenging getting the drawing to look that way I wanted them too by drawing on the iPad. I feel like by doing this project it has help me memorize the art history images. I spent a long time taking the photos and drawing on top of them so I was able to study in the process. If I could change any of the images I would redraw a couple of them to make them incorporate more of the themes from each chapter.