Extreme Perspectives

Ant's Eye View

Bird's Eye View

Artist Statement:

The subject of these photographs are six photographs taken from a bird's eye view and six taken from an ant's eye view. The materials I used were my canon camera and photoshop elements 15 to edit the images. I chose to take these images because I really like the composition and the patterns created from taking these photographs from these extreme perspectives.

The elements of art that I used were line, value, and color. The principals of design that I used were pattern, contrast, and balance. The composition rules that I used were angle up and angle down.

My project evolved because throughout the process of creating these images I continued to play with different photoshop techniques that we have been learning in class, which allowed each of the photos to improve a lot. The meaning behind these photographs are to observe the things around you and look up and down closely so see all that the world has to offer. This project relates to my life because some of the images are taking in the FPAC lobby with reminds me of the art and musical shows that I have put on and the sports signs remind me of the different sports I play at school. If I could go back and change anything about these photographs I would have done some more photoshop editing on some of the images.