Concentration #6

Artist Statement:

The subject of this drawing is "bird of paradise" flowers using bright colors. The materials I used were colored pencil and colored paper. To create this drawing I first drew out a outline of the flowers using pencil, then I used Prisma colored pencils to coloring in the different areas of the flower and the background, and finally I cut out colored paper into the flower's shape to add depth and variety to the image. I chose to create this drawing because I was especially drawn to the bright colors of the flower and its leaves. The elements of art that I used were color, space, and texture. The principles of design that I used were proportion/ scale and contrast. The composition rules/ techniques that I used was informal balance. This project relates to my life because I love drawing flowers and things in nature and trying to capture the beauty of the natural world into a man made creation.The meaning behind this drawing is to look around and appreciate all the wonder in the world. If I could change anything about this drawing I would add in more leaves made out of the cut paper in the negative space.