Final Advanced Studio Art Portfolio

Beautiful Oops

Sept. 9

Developed Sketch

Oct. 3

Independent Project

Nov. 1

Doodle For Google Competition

Nov. 29

Concentration #2

Jan. 13

Concentration #4

Feb. 28

Gelatin Print

March. 27

Independent #2

May. 31

Time Capsule Drawing

Sept. 13

Leaf Project

Oct. 13


Nov. 4


Dec. 14

Concentration #3

Feb. 3

Arrive Alive Project

March. 3

Cherry On Top

April. 7

Independent #3

June. 12

Observational Drawing

Sept. 19

Expressionistic Self Portrait

Oct. 19

Candy Still Life

Nov. 16

Concentration #1

Jan. 4

Blind Self Portrait

Feb. 7

Concentration #4

March. 14

Concentration #5

April. 28

My overall experience in Advanced Studio Art this year was great. I loved being able to work with prompts and also by creating concentrations on our own. The processes that I enjoyed were the Gelatin Prints. It was really interesting getting to experiment with a new technique that I had never done before and being able to create many different works of art very quickly. The processes that I struggled with was sometimes coming up with ideas for my concentrations. I products that I am most proud of are my first concentration, the paradox project, "l'art du bain", and my gelatin prints. The things that proves that I met the standards are that I worked very hard to push myself to create more difficult and better works of art. Also, I expanded my ability to continue with a concentration. Art relates to my life because art is my life. I have always loved to draw and paint and I couldn't imagine my life without it. The themes that I explored throughout this year were being able to portray a certain emotion by the colors and techniques that I used in my artwork.