Artist Statement:

The subject of this drawing is a crazy spaceship in outer space with rainbow colors surrounding the spaceship. To create this artwork I first started by outlining all of the shapes that I wanted to create and then I added color into each of the spaces I created. The materials I used were black ink and colored pencils. I chose to make this specific artwork because I really liked the look of the contrast between the black and white doodles and outlines with the rainbow colors surrounding the spaceship.

The elements of art that I used were color and line. The principals of design that I used were pattern and repetition. The composition rules/ techniques that I used was formal balance because the spaceship is centered in the middle of the paper. My project evolved because I experimented with a couple of different design ideas and then I finally chose this one for my final project.

The meaning behind this artwork is to always use your imagination to create amazing things. This project relates to my life because when I was younger I really loved to draw silly things like this. If I could change anything about this artwork I would make the colored pencil look a little more smooth.