Observational Sketches

Artist Statement:

These observational sketches are of the peace garden and the upper and lower FPAC. The materials I used for these observational sketches was graphite pencils for the upper and outer FPAC and for the peace garden drawing i used chalk pastel pencils and chalk pastel sticks.The elements of art that I used in the upper and lower FPAC sketch was line to show the perspective the space I was drawing. In the peace garden drawing the elements of art that I used was color to show realism of the organic colors of the bricks and the leaves on the trees. The composition rule that I used was the rule of thirds.

Originally, in the upper FPAC sketch I was going to do a different composition, but many of the railings overlapped too much and it wasn't as visually appealing as the final composition that I chose. If I had more time I would have added more details into each of the drawings.

The sketch that I am using as my final drawing the the observational sketch of the peace garden.

The purpose of these sketches was to practice my observational skills and to start the year off experimenting different materials and techniques.