logo drawing

Artist Statement:

The subject of this artwork is Marilyn Monroe using typography and specific imagery. The materials I used were sharpie and graphite. I wanted to show the key features that she has including her big lips, her hair, and her mole on the side of her face using the "i" in Marilyn. I chose this artwork because I liked how I used the letters to embody her notable features. The elements of art that I used were line and shape. The principal of art that I used was emphasis because I wanted to exaggerate her eyes, mole and lips to show that it was her. The composition rules and technique that I used was formal balance because I placed the portrait in the center of the page. My project evolved because at first I was trying to make her have teeth like she was smiling, but I didn't like the way that it looked so I kept it all black.

The meaning behind the artwork is showing feminine beauty and the perception of beauty in society. This project relates to my life because I like the idea that normal things can be transformed into something beautiful. If I was going to go back in and change anything I would probably use the words more to describe her.