Altered Process Print

Artist Statement:

The subject of this photograph is a photo of my friend Julia that I took during photo 1 that I turned into a photogram and used an altered process in the darkroom to create. The materials I used were the photoshop editor, transparency paper (to print the inverse), and the dark room materials (projector & chemicals). To create this photograph I first put the image into photoshop and turned it black and white and then inverted the image. Next, I printed out the inverted image onto transparency paper to create my negative. Then, I made test strips of the image to make sure I had a full range of values. Lastly, instead of putting the full sheet of light sensitive paper into the developer, I used a paint brush to paint on the developer only in certain areas. After that, I continued with the normal dark room procedure. I chose to create this photograph because I thought that this try of developing process would look interesting using this photo. The elements of art that I used were texture, line, and value. The principles of design that I used were contrast and rhythm/ movement. The composition rules/ techniques that I used was formal balance. This project relates to my life because I like trying to take common materials and experiment using them in different and unique ways. The meaning behind this photograph is to not be afraid to experiment with different technique and experiences. If I could change anything about this photograph it would be to leave the developer on for a little longer to make the image a little darker.