organ & tissue donation

Artist Statement:

The subject of this artwork is a heart inside of a sand timer. The materials I used were ink and watercolor. I wanted to show the importance of donating tissue and organs so I chose to draw a sand timer to show that some people don't have much time so it is very important to donate and possibly save someone's life. The elements of art that I used were color, line and texture. The composition rule that I used was formal balance because I placed the heart and the timer in the center of the page with the words surrounding it. This project related to my life because I had an uncle who had kidney cancer and if the doctors were able to catch it earlier and he was able to get a kidney in time he might still be alive today.

I was originally planning on leaving the background white, but I like how the watercolor added texture to the background. If I could go back and change anything I would fix the letters saying "organ and tissue donation" because I ran out of room on the page.