Advanced Photo Montage

Artist Statement:

The subject of this photogram is a photoshopped image of four of my previous images relating to skiing and Sugarloaf. I created the image and inverted it in photoshop, then I printed the image and the inverted image on transparency paper to create the negative, lastly I made and developed the photogram in the dark room. The materials I used was photoshop editor, transparency paper, light sensitive paper, and dark room chemicals to develop the image. I chose to create this photo because I knew that I had a lot of images that relate to skiing and Sugarloaf so I took different parts of all of them to create one image in photoshop. The elements of art that I used were line and shape. The principles of design that I used were contrast and proportion/scale. The composition rules/ techniques that I used was informal balance. My project evolved because I had to create many test strips so that I could make sure I had a full range of value in both images. This project relates to my life because I love to go skiing. If I could change anything about this photo I would try to avoid getting the smudge dots on the top of both images.