Creative Color Animal Figure

Artist Statement:

The subject of this drawing is an alpaca in the mountains. The materials I used were watercolor paint and fine point pen. I chose to make this specific artwork because I had the idea of doing the alpaca and adding in all of the bright colors on the blanket to contrast with the tan color of the alpaca.

The elements of art that I used were color and lines. The principals of design that I used were contrast, emphasis, and scale. The composition rules/ techniques that I used was formal balance.

My project evolved because at first I started out by drawing contour line sketches of the mountains, ropes, and the alpaca. The meaning behind this artwork is to explore every crevice the world has to offer. This project relates to my life because when I get older I want to travel the world and see many different animals and have many different experiences. If I could change anything about this artwork I would have waited for the paint to dry before I painted the tassels so that they wouldn't bleed.