Digital Final

Compositions + Techniques

Title: Shades & Shadows

Composition Rules + Techniques: Framing

Capturing Compositions

Title: Height of the Wild

Composition Rules + Techniques: Angle Up (Ant's Eye View)

Artist Inspired

Title: Etherial Beauty

Composition Rules + Techniques: Formal Balance


Title: Tribal Tribute

Composition Rules + Techniques: Formal Balance

Cloning + Overlays

Title: Botanical Beauty

Composition Rules + Techniques: Formal Balance

Multiplicity Portraits

Title: Henry^3

Composition Rules + Techniques: Formal Balance


Title: Game, Set, Match

Composition Rules + Techniques: Rule of Thirds

Title: Parisian Dream

Composition Rules + Techniques: Formal Balance

Extreme Perspective

Title: Falcon Score

Composition Rules + Techniques: Angle Up (Ant's Eye View)

Title: Gated Memories

Composition Rules + Techniques: Angle Up (Ant's Eye View)


Over the course of this quarter I have learned a great deal about the techniques needed when first beginning digital photography. By learning these composition skills I have been able to work on creating more captivating images that are more interesting rather than just a snapshot. These photographs displayed are my favorites from each assignment of quarter one. I was able to experiment with different compositions and techniques to improve my technical level, which will help me create more intriguing photographs in the future now that I can successfully use these techniques.

My work has improved because before I took this class I still loved to take and edit my own images, but now I have been given the skills to take my photos to another level. By changing the angle or composition of a photograph I can apply focus to a certain area or subject. The most challenging part of this quarter was getting the photographs to get to the place that I had been envisioning in my head. I tried to use composition technique and tools on photoshop to make my photographs look uniques and interesting. I am most proud of my growth in using photoshop and editing skills for my photographs. Knowing how to edit my photos allows for me to use my own imagination and creativity to bring my photos to the next level. My work shows my strength and weaknesses as a learner because I always tried very hard to make my photographs are interesting as possible, but sometimes the photos wouldn't turn out the way I wanted it too look. The more I continue to experiment with the tools on photoshop and different editing and composition techniques the better my photographs will become.

Personal Goals:

  • Learn more photography techniques to improve my photographs
  • Learn how to do film photography
  • Learn how to use my film camera
  • Continue to experiment with the digital camera and use techniques on photoshop to improve my photographs