stars and stripes

Artist Statements:

This artwork is a take on the American Flag. The materials that I used were acrylic paint on canvas. I chose this artwork because I thought it would be an interesting design while still using the elements of the American flag. I used the elements in the original american flag; including stripes, pattern, shape (stars) and color (red, white, blue). The principal of art that I used was rhythm because I used stripes to create a pattern. The composition rules and technique that I used was formal balance because I placed the stripes in equal distances in a formal order. My project didn't really evolve because I created a design I really liked and I stuck with it. The meaning behind the artwork is showing the unity and equality that every American has the right to have. This project relates to my life because I like to imagine that someday everyone will be equal and accepting to all people. If I was going to go back in and change anything I would probably make the stripes neater and do another coat of the blue paint.