Midterm Prompt

Artist Statement:

The subject of this painting is a portrait of a person in a wheelchair with the state of Maine drawn on top. The materials I used were acrylic paint, watercolor paper, paint markers, and transparency paper. I chose to create this specific painting because I wanted to show the ways that the MDDC helps people who have disabilities. I painted the colors of their logo in the background with the shape of Maine over the painting on transparency paper. I drew a house and a book to show the things that this council does to improve the lives of people with disabilities; such as education, housing, and jobs. The elements of art that I used were line, color, and shape. The principles of design that I used were pattern and contrast. The composition rule/technique that I used was formal balance. This painting relates to my life because I think that it is especially important for people in the state of Maine to support each other and provide services for people with disabilities. My project evolved because I changed my design multiple different times. I liked with way I added the drawing over the painting with transparency paper. If I could go back and change anything I would go over the lines of Maine, the house, and the book again to make it more solid.