post election visual drawing

Artist Statement:

This artwork is an representation of the discrimination that goes on in our world and how we need to respect others.

The materials that I used were watercolor colored pencils and sharpie. I chose this artwork because I wanted to show people that in order to succeed and ever really have peace in this country we are going to need to treat others more equally. The elements of art that I used were color and pattern. I used the pink as a stand out color to add a bold contrast to the black and white patterns. The principals of art that I used were emphasis and rhythm by using the selected color and the designs in the background. The composition rule and technique that I used was formal balance because I put the main girl in the center with the others girls on the edges. My project didn't really evolve because I created a design I really liked and I stuck with it. The meaning behind the artwork is showing the unity and equality that every American has the right to have. This project relates to my life because I like to imagine that someday everyone will be equal and accepting to all people. If I was going to go back in and change anything I would probably use white scratch stencils to write powerful words such as; brave, strong, beautiful, etc...