Beautiful Oops

Artist Statement:

This drawing is a portrait of a girl with flowers in her hair. The materials I used to create this was both black and yellow sharpie, pen and ink, graphite and charcoal pencils. I chose to do this particular artwork because I wanted to show my use of shading and specific color selection. I used color as one of the elements because it brightens up the image as a whole.

I used the composition rule of thirds and left a majority of the image black to all the face to be the focal point. I used a lot of shading in my drawing. Originally I planned on keeping the whole image black and white, but I wanted to add the yellow to add contrast to the rest of the image.

I like drawing for a purpose and I think this work of art is very captivating and allows people to think about their own life experiences. I would of liked to spend more time on the flowers and add more detail to them if I had extra time.