"Bigalow Range"








"Ski The East"

"Pollock's Portrait"

Written Reflection:

For my breath concentration I chose a variety of images from photo 2, including both digital and film photography. Each of these images show a wide variety of different photographic techniques. The digital processes that we experimented with were photographing different color theories, perspectives, and compositions. My favorite digital image that I created is "Pollock's Portrait" because of the use of an altered darkroom process and by spattering the developer onto the light sensitive paper. The image that was most challenging for me was "Ski The East" because it required the most time to create and had the most amount of steps in the process. The dark room processes included altered process (painting on developer), altered negative (drawing or scratching on the negative), and creating cyanotypes (printing on blue, light sensitive fabric). My favorite out of all of these processes for the darkroom was the altered process by painting the developed onto the print. This technique allowed for the most creativity throughout the entire photographic process. I favorite dark room image is "Pollock's Portrait" because I really liked experimenting with this technique and I had a lot of fun painting on the developer.

I hope to continue learning about and creating photography in the future and incorporating it into everything I do. I have enjoyed learning about a wide range of different processes that I had never heard of before taking this class.