Micro leaf Project

Artist Statement:

The subject of this artwork is fall leaves. The materials I used were acrylic paint, chalk pastels, and watercolor crayons/colored pencils. I started out by painting one solid color onto the watercolor paper using the acrylic paint, then once it dried I sketched out the veins and details on the leaf with chalk pastel pencils and watercolor crayons. I chose this artwork because I liked the different colors in the leaves. The elements of art that I used were color and value. I wanted to match the colors in the leaves as close as I could but also play around with the different materials that I used; such as watercolor crayons which applied different colors on top of the acrylic paint to add more depth. The principal of art that I used was contrast with the brighter yellows and oranges that I applied over the acrylic paint.

The composition rule I used for the first painting was informal balance because I placed the veins of the leaf farther over to the left of the paper and formal balance for the second painting because the veins were more centered on the page. My project evolved because I was able to experiment with different materials that I had never worked with before to create a new and interesting texture.

There really wasn't a meaning behind this work of art, but I liked being able to try new materials and create a new effect. This project related to my life because I like that art can make people feeling different emotions and I wanted to related to the feelings of fall. If I could go back I would touch up some of my lines to make the artwork a little cleaner.