Artist Statement:

The subject of this image is a collage of three women on a beach with multiple ocean scenes in the background. I chose these images for my collage because I was inspired by Jacques Lartigue’s film photography while involves a lot of beach scenes of women. I cropped the images in the way I did because I liked the look of all of the different ocean images overlapping the women’s bodies and cropping them in interesting ways. The elements of art that I used were value and form. The principles of design that I used were pattern and balance. The composition rules/ techniques that I used was informal balance. My project evolved because I first started out by choosing my images and creating a collage with them, then I used photoshop to change the image into black and white and inverted it, then I went into the dark room and took test strips to obtain the right lighting for my photogram. Lastly, I used a full sheet of photo paper and developed my final image. In the dark room I had to continuously experiment with the amount of exposure time I was releasing to make sure that my image wouldn’t turn out too light or dark. I chose to create this image because I like the full range of values I was able to achieve in this photograph. The meaning behind this photo is to enjoy life- every great part of it as much as you can while you have the chance. This image relates to my life because I love going to the beach with my friends in the summer and just enjoying being together, which is what is projected from this image. If I could change anything I would have put the transfer paper over the photo paper the opposite way because I put it on upside down.