Times Capsule Drawings

Artist Statement:

The subject of these drawings are a room in my house, a stationary object, my feet, and a self portrait from an obscure angle. To create these drawings I first started out by drawing contouring for each of the sketches and then added color or more detail in afterwards. The materials I used were graphite, sharpie, and watercolor. I chose to make this specific artwork because I liked the composition and the look of each of the objects.

The elements of art that I used were line, form, and color. The principals of design that I used were contrast and proportion/scale. The composition rules/ techniques that I used was formal balance in each of the drawings.

My project evolved because I started with a basic outline of what I was going to create and then I added more detail, color and pattern in after. The meaning behind this artwork is no matter what the subject of the creation is, it can still turn out great. This project relates to my life because I really like to draw objects that I find. If I could change anything about this artwork I would redraw the one of a room in my house.