Complementary color

Artist Statement:

The subject of this photograph is a bag of clementines. While editing this photo I used the photo editor on my phone to enhance the brightness of the colors and the contrast. I chose to create this photo because I noticed that the bag and colors of the clementines were complementary colors. The material I used was my iphone camera and editor. The elements of art that I used were color and texture. The principles of design that I used were pattern and balance. The composition rules/ techniques that I used was formal balance. My project evolved because I had a different idea of what I wanted to do, but I wasn't able to do that idea so I saw that this bag had complementary colors so I took a photo of this. The meaning behind this image is to see the goodness in life. This project relates to my life because I love clementines a lot. If I could change anything about this photo I would have it fit better within my concentration.