Independent Project #4

Artist Statement:

The subject of this painting is a self portrait painted. The material I used was acrylic paint on canvas. I chose to create this specific painting because I wanted to create a painting that was different than anything that I had created before, but could still fit into my concentration. The elements of art that I used were color and shape. The principles of design that I used were pattern and proportion. The composition rule/technique that I used was formal balance. This painting relates to my life because it is a self portrait and I wanted to paint it using inspiration from my Circle eye painting that I did in 2D last year. I kept with the circular design that I used in my previous painting, but I wanted to make the circles larger and make each divide a different color. My project evolved because I kept changing the colors I was going to use so that it looked the best. I saved the nose for last because it was challenging to get the proportions correct. If I could go back and change anything I would do another coat of paint over some sections.