Geometric Shadows

Artist Statement:

The subject of this photograph is geometric shadows cast by the railing on my stairs. To create this photos I went around my house to see if I could find an area that cast interesting shadows. It was late at night when I was taking this photo so it was hard to find many places that cast shadows. While editing this photo I adjusted some of the lighting and the contrast in lights and darks and made the image black and white. I chose to create this photo because I like the shapes that were created by the railing. The material I used was my Canon Rebel digital camera, I then edited it using the iphoto app on my macbook. The elements of art that I used were value and shape. The principles of design that I used were pattern and contrast. The composition rules/ techniques that I used was informal balance. My project evolved because I continued to edit the values to create a larger range of values. The meaning behind this artwork is to be able to see ordinary things/ object and turn them into interesting images. This project relates to my life because these are the stairs that I have climbed up my entire life. If I could change anything about this photograph I would most likely take a different photo when I had more time and could fully execute the original idea that I wanted to.