Circle Project

Artist Statement:

The subject of this painting is an eye. I used acrylic paint and painting many circle in different colors and sizes to look like an eye. I chose this design because I wanted to take our circle project to the next level by painting lots of circles to create a design in the end. The elements of art that I used are shape, color and space. The way I arranged the dots and the space between them allowed the final project to come out looking just as I wanted. The principals of art that I used were rhythm and unity because I create a rhythmic pattern with all of the circles and the circle unified in the end to form one image.

The composition of this painting is formal balance because the eye is centered on the canvas. My project didn't really evolve over the course of the project because I knew which colors I was going to put in each place and I didn't really change anything. There is not really a meaning behind this artwork, I just wanted to experiment with different painting and artistic styles. If I could go back and change something I wouldn't change anything because I like the final result.