Artist Statement:

The subject of this artwork is a girl surrounded by origami paper shapes and designs. The material I used was a scratch board. I started out by sketching an outline of the design I wanted to do and them I started scratching off the black to create my design. I chose this artwork because I really liked the stark contrast between the solid black and white. The elements of art that I used were form, space, and shape. I tried to create lots of geometric shapes with the scratch board in order to create an intricate design. The principal of art that I used was contrast and emphasis. I wanted to use the black and white scratch board to get the solid black and white areas of my design.

The composition rules and technique that I used was formal balance because I placed the girl in the center and scratched the origami shapes around her.

My project evolved because originally I didn't realize how difficult it would be to scratch away everything but a single line and when I was trying to put in the small details on the face and in the background I realized I would need to simplify my design to fit with the material I was using.

The meaning behind the artwork is being able to take geometric shapes and fit them together to create a interesting design. This project relates to my life because ever since I was pretty young a lot of members of my family would get me origami kits for christmases and my birthdays, but I could never figure out how to fold the papers in the correct way so I thought I would represent origami in my own way. If I was going to go back in and change anything I would probably add a few more geometric shapes into the background.