Independent Project #2

Artist Statement:

The subject of this painting is leaves and flowers. The material I used were acrylic paint and a linoleum block. I chose to create this specific painting because I wanted to experiment using a different technique and try to achieve more texture and depth with the carving.The elements of art that I used were color and shape. The principals of design that I used rhythm/movement and proportion/scale.The composition rule/technique that I used was informal balance.This painting relates to my life because I've always loved drawing and painting flowers. My project evolved because I started out by sketching out the shapes of the leaves and flowers and then I carved out the shapes out of the linoleum. After I was finished carving out the shapes I used acrylic paint inside each of the carved out areas. I changed the colors of the areas multiple times to choose the ones I liked the best. If I could go back and change anything I would change the shade of the green stem in the center and create more contrast in color between the teal and purple colors.